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Me at APASA on 23rd September.
How cute was I?

When I fell asleep in a cafe.

How embarassing!

There were lots of other dogs and lots of barking. But the people were very kind to me and gave me a dry kennel with a small black friendly dog. I had some dinner and went to sleep.

The next morning, they started calling me azorin.  Apparently that was the name of the restaurant outside which I was found. It is also the pen name of a very intelligent Spanish writer, whose real name was José Martínez Ruiz. That’s maybe why I am able to write my own web pages!

After a while, a man started visiting me. He was kind and used to come into my kennel and make a fuss of me and my friend. He bought us treats and we got lots of fuss.

Then the man stopped visiting, and I was moved into a larger kennel with about 8 other dogs.

Ages went by, and then one day I saw the man again. But he didn’t seem to recognise me, as I had grown a bit and my hair had changed colour, but he kept looking at me.

Soon afterwards, the man started visiting me again, but this time we went out in his car.

It was brilliant!

We went to the beach, visited some cafes, and went to a big house up on a mountain. There was another dog there, much bigger than me, and she wanted to play with me. But I was a bit shy.

We have had about six days out so far and I really like the people and the places they take me. At the end of each day I am taken back to my friends at APASA. But I’d rather stay with my new friends.

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I’m azorin

I am a Roan Brittany
(or Breton)

I don’t know much about my puppyhood, but on September 17th 2015, I found myself wandering alone in Benitachell.

Someone took me to a perrera (dog pound) in Javea, APASA.